5 Signs That Indicate You Need Furnace Cleaning

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5 Signs That Indicate You Need Furnace Cleaning

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Calgary furnace cleaning services

In general, a furnace should be completely cleaned at least once a year. This will not only make your HVAC system efficient and long-lasting, but it will also protect your ducts from becoming filthy and transmitting dust and grime throughout your home. However, depending on where you live, the age of your furnace, the number of people in your household, and whether you have pets, your HVAC system may require cleaning more frequently.

So, how can you tell when your furnace needs to be cleaned? What are the indicators of a filthy furnace?

Well, now read the answers to these that are given by the experts at BreatheWell®, the most trusted provider of Calgary furnace cleaning services

Calgary furnace cleaning services

  1. Have Trouble Keeping Your Desired Temperature

Given that your furnace's sole purpose is to heat your house, it's annoying when this doesn't happen. If you experience any of the following problems, you may have dirt and dust that has to be removed:

  1. Inconsistency in temperature, with some rooms being cooler than others
  2. The temperature you selected on the thermostat is not being maintained by your furnace.
  3. You have absolutely no heat.
  4. Your furnace cycles on and off too rapidly.
  5. It takes too much energy (and a lot of money) to attain the temperature you selected.


  1. Furnace Odors

Have you ever sensed a strange odor in your house? It might be coming from your furnace, and a good cleaning could help. If you smell rubber, smoke, or oil while your furnace is running, it's time to clean it. Allowing these odors to persist without cleaning might lead to a dangerous scenario.


  1. Yellow or Orange Flame

Many of these indications aren't in black and white, but the color of your furnace's flame is a good indicator. The flame should be blue if your furnace is working properly. If it's yellow or orange, the gas-oxygen balance is wrong. This might be due to a filthy burner, thus a cleaning is required.

A yellow flame, together with any of the following symptoms, might indicate a carbon monoxide leak:

Your carbon monoxide sensor has issued an alert (if you have any one of the following)

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea

If you suspect a carbon monoxide leak, leave the house immediately and contact a trustworthy professional like BreatheWell® who provides reliable Calgary furnace cleaning services.


  1. The Furnace Makes Strange Noises

Strange sounds are every homeowner's greatest dread. In the case of a furnace, though, you may only want thorough cleaning. These sounds can be caused by clogged air filters, unclean burners, or a limited fuel supply:

  • When you switch on the furnace, there is a loud bang.
  • Whining or wailing as the furnace is turned on


  1. A Reduction In The Quality Of Indoor Air

When there is dust, mold, or filth in your furnace or ducts, it all enters your home. Even in the cold, you may have allergy problems. If this is the case, a simple furnace cleaning might improve your interior air quality.


Bottom Line:

Keeping your furnace clean can help you avoid or postpone severe and costly problems. However, if you want to avoid the concerns described above, you must maintain a consistent cleaning schedule. We recommend getting your furnace cleaned professionally at least once a year.

If the time has come, our heating and conditioning experts are ready to assist you in providing the best Calgary furnace cleaning services. Browse our blog for additional information on how to maintain your heating and air conditioning systems.

Author: admin_breathewell
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