Duct Sealing Methods Used by Experts To Stop Air Leaks

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Duct Sealing Methods Used by Experts To Stop Air Leaks

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Clean ducts are essential to foster a comfortable environment at the workplace. It is one of the most important commercial cleaning services in Calgary, which holds great value in making the office scenario more healthy, bright, and safe.

It’s due to the air duct’s efficiency that the HVAC system works efficiently. But sometimes, leakage problems arise in the ducts that cause an unhealthy atmosphere in the office spaces. 

Here we will get to know some vital reasons behind the duct leakage and how the experts fix them. So, let’s watch: 

Vital Reasons Behind Air Duct Leakages in the Offices 

  • Leakages happen when the ducts are not installed properly and when Some segments of it are not tightened by experts. 
  • There is no mechanical fasting done at each connection of the ducts, which leads to air leakage. 
  • Sometimes the sealants break or the tapes get worn out due to heavy pressure put on buildings such as at the time of office getting renovated. 
  • The excessive dry heat can also cause damage to the sealings and can make cracks in them. 
  • Sometimes the ducts are accidentally stepped on that becomes a leading cause of damage to them. 

Experts Methods For Fixing The Air Duct Sealing Explained:

1. Aluminum Foil Tapes 

The strategists make use of aluminum foil tapes to combat this issue. What they do is apply the aluminum foil tape on the ducts where there is breakage. But the thing is that this tape is mainly used for minor leakage problems, not bigger ones. The experts don’t use this technique if the breakage is too severe. 

2. Liquid Rubber Sealant 

Liquid Rubber Sealants are used by professionals when the seal work has to be done from air ducts inside. The technique is highly complex and advanced because it includes the use of advanced technology to know how much sealant is required to be sprayed to seal the leaks properly. 

3. Duct Sealing Tapes 

One of the best ways of covering air duct gaps is making use of duct sealing tapes to cover the leaks. The method is time-consuming and messy but is the most result-oriented as compared to other methods of duct sealing. 

But the drawback is that this tape gets dirty and oily easily, so for all the oil industries or refineries, this technique should be avoided. 

4. Duct Mastic Sealant 

The duct mastic sealant is used strategically by the experts because it gets hardened easily while applied. The gooey substance is also less durable and expensive but the water-based duct mastic sealant is easy to use. So, professionals sometimes also use those to prevent leakage. 

5. Aeroseal 

Aeroseal uses a patented technology that pressurizes the duct system and seals every single leak properly. This technique is called one of the best scientific sealing ways that helps in making the air ducts work fabulously in the offices. 

In Summary 

Hence, these were some striking methods that are used by commercial cleaning services in Calgary experts for making the office air ducts tight, clean, and more efficient. Without the strong air ducts sealing, the work atmosphere in the office would be largely affected. 

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