How Do Furnace And Duct Cleaning Differ?

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How Do Furnace And Duct Cleaning Differ?

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Best furnace cleaning services in Calgary

People outside of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) industry may find the various components of the HVAC system confusing and difficult to understand. The word "furnace ducts" serves as an example of this pattern. There are times when air duct cleaning and furnace cleaning are confused. Breathe easy; companies offering the best furnace cleaning services in Calgary regularly receive requests for the incorrect service (or both). Here is a brief summary.

Best furnace cleaning services in Calgary

What does Furnace cleaning mean?

Only the individual components of the furnace, such as the heat exchanger, blower motor, combustion chamber, burners, fan, etc., need to be cleaned. These are typically cleaned using a mix of high-pressure air and an industrial vacuum. For instance, the evaporator coil typically requires a more specialized cleaning that is more expensive.

A thorough cleaning improves airflow and prevents filth buildup in the device, both of which reduce energy use. It will also reduce the number of contaminants and particles that enter your air ducts only to repeatedly circulate. Normally, furnace cleaning does not entail cleaning the ductwork and vents attached to the furnace.


What Is Air Duct Cleaning?

Cleaning your air ducts entails removing dirt, debris, and other impurities from the main supply trunk, main return, and branch lines. The term "vent cleaning" is occasionally used by laypeople, although it's a little reductive. Air ducts are the huge network of (typically) metal tubes that run from your furnace throughout your home, spreading warm or chilled air.

During duct cleaning, specialized tools like air whips, snakes, and wands are used to remove dirt from the ducts. Depending on how dirty the ducts are and how long it has been since they were cleaned, various service levels are frequently available.


What Characteristics Do The Two Share?

When cleaning air ducts and furnaces, similar tools are employed: high-pressure air, intense suction, and occasionally agitators. They both improve airflow (and air quality) and aid with energy efficiency by reducing the amount of debris and contaminants clogging the HVAC system. The two techniques are typically combined for the deepest system cleansing. Due to their interconnectedness, the furnace and air ducts are extremely likely to be dirty if one is.


What Kind of Service Do I Need?

For the reasons described above, it is frequently a good idea to have the furnace and ducts cleaned at the same time, although this is not a hard and fast rule. If your furnace is brand new (less than a year old) and has a properly installed filter, cleaning it may not be necessary just yet. However, it is nearly a guarantee that your air ducts are dirty as well because the furnace pumps air directly into the supply ducts.


Whom to hire?

It's undeniably easier said than done, though. Therefore, only experts that provide the best furnace cleaning services in Calgary should be employed. You may rely on us to handle these difficult tasks. We would simplify everything for you and make the process more educational.

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