How Is Furnace Cleaning Different From Air Duct Cleaning?

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How Is Furnace Cleaning Different From Air Duct Cleaning?

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The many components of the HVAC system might appear complicated and unclear to persons outside of the HVAC business (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), and as a result, they are frequently confused. An illustration of this pattern is the word "furnace ducts." Air duct cleaning and furnace cleaning can occasionally be mistaken, thus team Breathewell, providers of the best furnace cleaning services in Calgary frequently get requests from consumers for the wrong service (or both). Here is a quick run-down.

A Furnace Cleaning Expert

What is Furnace cleaning?

Cleaning a furnace solely involves the furnace's separate parts, such as the heat exchanger, blower motor, combustion chamber, burners, fan, etc. Usually, a combination of high-pressure air and an industrial vacuum is used to clean these. The evaporator coil, for example, frequently needs a more specialist cleaning that comes at an additional expense.

Thorough cleaning reduces dirt in the appliance and enhances air movement, both of which increase energy efficiency. Additionally, it will lessen the number of impurities and particles that enter your air ducts just to circulate again and again. Typically, cleaning the ductwork and vents connected to the furnace is not included in furnace cleaning.


What Is Air Duct Cleaning?

Cleaning your air ducts, including the main supply trunk, main return, and branch lines, involves removing dust, debris, and other impurities. Air ducts are the extensive network of (often) metal tubes that run from your furnace throughout your home, dispersing warm or cooled air; vents are only the place where the ducts enter into the house; the term "vent cleaning" is occasionally used by laypeople, but it's a little reductive.

In order to remove dirt from the ducts, specialist instruments including air whips, snakes, and wands are used during duct cleaning. Different service levels are often offered, depending on how filthy the ducts are and how long it has been since they have been cleaned.


What Are The Similarities Between The Two?

High-pressure air, strong suction, and occasionally agitators are comparable instruments used in both furnace cleaning and air duct cleaning. Lowering the amount of trash and impurities obstructing the HVAC system, both increases airflow (and air quality) and contributes to energy efficiency. For the most thorough system cleaning, the two processes are frequently combined. Since the furnace and air ducts are connected as one system, it is very likely that if one is unclean, both are as well.


Which Service Do I Require?

It is often a good idea to have both the furnace and ducts cleaned at the same time for the reasons mentioned above, but this is not a firm rule. Your furnace might not require cleaning just yet if it is brand new (less than a year old) and has a correctly installed filter. However, because the furnace pumps air straight into the supply ducts, it is almost a given that your air ducts are unclean as well.


Whom should I hire?

Unquestionably, it’s a job easier said than done. Hence only the professionals who offer the best furnace cleaning services in Calgary must be hired. You can trust us for these complex chores. We would make the entire procedure hassle-free and quite informative for you.

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