Six Hazardous Ways Clogged Ducts May Endanger Your Health

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Six Hazardous Ways Clogged Ducts May Endanger Your Health

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Cleaning your home's air ducts can improve the quality of the air considerably. So what would happen if you made the same delay? To you, how important is it that this service be completed?

Breathing in poor air quality can be harmful to you and your family, even if no air is perfect. Let's examine six potential ways that dirty air ducts may affect your health.

Poor Air Quality Can Cause Dizziness

The quantity of particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in your home's air, commonly referred to as indoor air quality (IAQ), is used to gauge its cleanliness. The majority of airborne particles are safe, although certain VOCs are made up of skin cells, pet dander, insect body parts, and droppings.

Other VOCs include gases released by solids and liquids, including aerosol sprays, clothing that has been dry-cleaned, air fresheners, and cleansers. Overexposure to certain VOCs might make you feel lightheaded.

Triggers Allergies And Asthma

Family members with allergies or respiratory conditions like asthma may respond to filthy or blocked air vents. Respiratory episodes may become more frequent when allergens are in the indoor air. Watery or itchy eyes, breathing difficulties, and a scratchy throat can all be signs of an allergy.

Causes Dry Or Itchy Skin

Skin conditions including eczema, hives, and rashes can also be brought on by the circulation of unclean air particles. Moisture in the air in your ducts can condense on any particle or contaminant.

Pollutants can irritate the skin if they are combined with an excessive amount of dampness. Make sure you have a dehumidifier installed in addition to cleaning your ductwork.

Exacerbates Respiratory Illness

Inhaling polluted air in the long term can cause severe respiratory illnesses over time. Keeping your duct system clean is crucial for your health, especially if you smoke or are already predisposed to respiratory problems.

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Causes Sinus Issues

Every time the air conditioner or heater turns on, dust and particles that have gotten clogged in your air ducts may invade the rest of the home. That implies that every time someone breathes in your home, these particles enter their nasal passages. From there, the particles enter the sinuses and start to inflame them.

Your nasal canal and sinuses' inside skin are extremely thin and prone to being infected. This could aggravate the situation if left untreated and unattended.

Final Thoughts

Having discussed the repercussions of not getting air ducts clean, it is insightful to reckon that one must hire professional cleaners to get the job done. So, just search for duct cleaning services near me or Breathe Well Furnace & Duct Cleaning like our company to avail premium cleaning services.

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