You Should Use A Humidifier For These Ten Reasons

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You Should Use A Humidifier For These Ten Reasons

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Humidifier Cleaning Services Calgary

For moisturizing the air in your house using a humidifier or vaporizer is essential. This not only helps in easing the symptoms of a number of medical illnesses in addition to making your living space more pleasant. Well, this is not the end of the list, here are 4 good reasons why humidifiers should be used and maintained in every house. This blog is brought to you by BreatheWell® duct, furnace, and other cleaning solutions, in Canada. We also provide Humidifier Cleaning Services Calgary.

Humidifier Cleaning Services Calgary

  1. Moisturization of your skin

Your skin may experience a wide range of unpleasant sensations as a result of dry air. Your skin begins to lose moisture when the forced-air heating is on and the humidity drops to between 20 and 30 percent, or when the weather is very dry. Your skin may become tight, dry, itchy, and flaky as a result.

Due to the fact that it has fewer oil glands than other areas of your body, the skin of your hands is particularly susceptible to this moisture loss. Because lips are also made of delicate skin, they are prone to chapping more frequently and more quickly as the air grows dryer. Your lips may even start to crack as a result if unattended to.


  1. Throat Protection

Vocal cords may become dry and scratchy if they are exposed to too little moisture in indoor air. You run the risk of losing your voice if these symptoms linger and your throat feels inflamed for an extended period of time.

This is particularly true if you have recently been exposed to a virus like the flu. Humidifiers have furthermore been demonstrated to be useful in the treatment of croup, a pediatric illness that results in inflammation of the upper airways, a barking cough, and hoarseness.


  1. Sinus Prevention

Your nasal passages can become very dry in low-humidity environments. When it does, it's a dreadful sensation that, in the worst instance, may result in headaches, sinus pressure, nasal irritation, and even bloody noses.

Contrary to popular belief, humidity is another naturally occurring method to aid in clearing a congested nose. This helps because the moist air keeps the mucus moving, lowering your risk of developing congested nasal passages.


  1. Reduction In Likeliness Of Flu Or Virus Spread

A humidifier can also assist you in preventing the flu from ever occurring. According to a National Academy of Sciences study, the spread and survival of the influenza virus are strongly correlated with dry weather.

Researchers discovered that the flu virus could survive longer and spread more easily when the absolute humidity in the air was too low. Using a humidifier will increase your chances of preventing influenza from flourishing in your house during flu season, lowering your risk of contracting it.

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